8.08.030   City or its contractor has exclusive right to collect refuse.
      A.   The city shall provide for the collection and disposal of refuse from all premises. Such provision may be made either by the city letting a contract for such collection and removal or performing such service itself. The city and its duly authorized agents, servants and employees, or any contractor with whom the city may contract therefor and the agents, servants and employees of such contractor, while any such contract shall be in force, shall have the exclusive right to gather, collect and remove refuse material from all premises in the city, including construction and demolition debris, unless such debris is self-hauled by the contractor performing such construction and demolition operations. No person, other than those above specified herein or as specified in the city's franchise contract, shall gather, collect or remove refuse from any premises or take any such material from any refuse receptacle placed for collection or removal, or interfere with or disturb any refuse receptacle, or remove any refuse receptacle from any location where the same is placed by the owner or occupant thereof, or remove the contents of any refuse receptacle.
   B.   The terms, as set forth in this chapter, shall be the minimum terms of any refuse contract approved by the city council.
(Ord. 2010-05-1415 § 5: Ord. 98-01-1229 § 2 (part): Ord. 90-11-1082 § 1 (part))