5.14.070   Permit conditions--General.
   Any applicant granted a permit pursuant to this chapter shall comply with all of the following conditions:
   A.   The permittee shall conduct filming activities in an orderly fashion with continuous attention to the storage of equipment not in use and the cleanup of trash and debris. All filming activity locations shall be maintained in a safe and clean condition while in use and shall be returned to their original condition before leaving the location upon completion of the filming activities.
   B.   The permittee shall obtain the property owners' written consent for filming activities conducted on property not owned by the city.
   C.   Vehicles and equipment involved in filming activities, including the personal vehicles of cast and crew, may be parked on private property or on the property of a retail or business establishment, only with the written consent of the property or business owner.
   D.   Applicants shall obtain prior police department approval and comply with the twenty-four-hour special events posting requirements for vehicles and equipment which must be parked on city streets in violation of local regulations. Application filing should be adjusted to accommodate the above.
   E.   Filming activities that will impact traffic flow shall require police review and assistance. City rules and regulations concerning street closure, rerouting, and temporary halting of traffic, as established in Title 10, shall be followed.
   F.   All rules and regulations established by the city's fire protection service, currently the Long Beach fire department, shall be followed. Any use of pyrotechnics, explosives, lasers or helicopters will require additional insurance and a separate permit. To obtain these additional permits, contact the Long Beach fire department, fire prevention bureau, special events section.
(Ord. 98-09-1241 § 1 (part))