5.14.030   Permit application--Contents.
   A.   A written application for filming activities under this chapter must be completed and filed, on a form provided by the city, at least five days prior to the first day of the proposed filming activities.
   B.   Each such application must include the following:
   1.   Full legal name of the applicant.
   2.   Full business name of the applicant, if different.
   3.   Complete business address and phone number of the applicant.
   4.   Locations of proposed filming activities.
   5.   List of all public facilities which applicant desires to use in conjunction with the proposed filming activities.
   6.   Description of any services of city employees desired or requested at the location during the proposed filming activities, and an agreement that the city shall be reimbursed for such services.
   7.   Names, addresses and phone numbers of those with controlling interest in the locations of the proposed filming activities.
   8.   Dates and times of the proposed filming activities.
   9.   General description of the nature of the filming activities.
   10.   Numbers and types of vehicles and equipment to be used, and a parking plan for such vehicles and equipment, including off-location employee and equipment staging areas.
   11.   Number of personnel, cast, crew and support people involved.
   12.   Name and phone number of the person(s) who will be in charge of the location(s).
   13.   Declaration of intent to use any animals or pyrotechnics, and a general description of the intended use.
   14.   Agreement that the location(s) shall be cleaned and restored to original condition.
   15.   Other information that the city may require to process the application.
   16.   Property ownership list, with names, addresses and phone numbers, of private property to be used for filming activities, staging, storage and parking areas.
(Ord. 98-09-1241 § 1 (part))