Chapter 5.08
*   Editor's Note: Former Chapter 5.08 (Sections 5.08.030 - 5.08.170) was repealed and deleted in its entirety by Ordinance 2002-10-1313 § 1. Section 2 of that ordinance provides the following:
   "Within one year following the effective date of this ordinance, all owners of businesses subject to existing special business permits shall, notwithstanding the zoning district in which the business subject to the special business permit is located, apply for and obtain a valid conditional use permit as provided in Chapter 20.64. No application fee shall be required for the processing of said Conditional Use Permits. This ordinance shall not affect previously issued special business permits and all conditions imposed upon the holder of a special business permit shall remain in full force and effect until a conditional use permit is issued by the City. Failure to apply for a conditional use permit within one year, or the failure to comply with conditions of an existing special business permit, shall result in the revocation of the special business permit."
Section 3 of Ordinance 2002-10-1313 states:
   "Effective Date. This Ordinance shall take effect thirty (30) days after the date of its adoption."
Ordinance 2002-10-13 was adopted on November 19, 2002.