Section 151.27.005 Council Review
A.   Public Notice. Public notice of the Council hearing shall be given in the same manner as described in Section 151.27.004.A.
B.   Public Hearing
   1.   After proper public notice, the Council shall hold a public hearing on the application, at which interested parties shall be heard. The public hearing is to be held by the Council no later than 120 days following the applicant's submittal of a complete specific plan application in accordance with the provisions of Section 151.27.002, unless a longer period is agreed to in writing by the applicant.
   2.   The Council may continue the public hearing or its consideration of the proposed specific plan for a definite time not to exceed 30 days, unless a longer period is agreed to by the applicant in writing. The continuance may be granted by the Council on its own initiative or at the request of the applicant or affected property owners.
   3.   The Council may approve by ordinance the specific plan as submitted by the applicant or with amendments, deletions, or additions which promote the public's health, safety, and general welfare, or the Council may deny the request.
(Ord. 953, passed 5-12-94)