Section 151.27.001 Purpose
The Specific Plan zone shall be composed of all land within the City of Sierra Vista for which a specific plan has been adopted by the Council pursuant to the provisions of Article 151.27. The applicable development policies and/or implementing regulations including, but not limited to, permitted uses, density requirements, setback, site, and architectural design standards and other regulations applicable within a Specific Plan Zone shall be those referenced or contained within the specific plan adopted by the Council pertaining to the land within that zone.
The purpose of this Article is to provide uniform procedures and criteria for the preparation, review, adoption and implementation of specific plans as authorized by A.R.S. § 9-461.08.
Specific plans shall be in substantial conformance with the Sierra Vista General Plan. A general plan amendment shall be required when a proposed specific plan is not in conformance with the adopted Sierra Vista General Plan. In addition, adopted specific plans shall be consistent with the intent and purpose of the Development Code. Upon approval, the specific plan supersedes any provision in the Development Code to the contrary.
Provisions contained in the Development Code related to Planned Area Developments shall not be applicable to property which is regulated by an adopted specific plan.
(Ord. 953, passed 5-12-94)