Section 151.20.007 Action by Decision-Making Authority
A.   The decision-making authority may take the following actions relating to the Architecture and Design Review of a project:
   1.   Granting Approval. Approved provided the project meet the provisions of this Article.
   2.   Granting Conditional Approval. Conditionally approved, in coordination with the applicant, provided the project and conditions in combination meet the provisions of this Article.
   3.   Denial of Application. A Denied if the project does not meet the provisions of this Article. In such event, the reasons for the denial shall be stated in writing to the applicant and every effort to work with the applicant to resolve the issues shall be undertaken.
B.   A building permit shall not be issued until the decision-making authority has approved the architectural and design components of a project, as described in this Article.
(Ord. 2009-003, passed 6-26-09; Am. Ord. 2019-002, passed 4-11-19)