Section 151.20.005 Submittal Requirements
Submittal requirements for Architecture and Design Review shall include:
A.   Exterior color elevations – 1/8 inch minimum scale. Elevations shall include:
   1.   Materials, details, and features (including plumbing and electrical meter locations, other mechanical equipment, and methods of concealment, etc.). (Elevations should not include superimposed landscaping or trees.)
   2.   Heights scaled and identified.
   3.   All sides of the building with north/south/east/west directionals identified.
   4.   Roof plan.
B.   Additional information may be submitted to clarify issues, as determined by the applicant. Such information could include perspective drawings, color renderings, paint chip or material samples, computer-generated prints, etc.
(Ord. 2009-003, passed 6-26-09; Am. Ord. 2019-002, passed 4-11-19)