§ 113.03 BOND.
   Any solicitor, salesman, canvasser, peddler, demonstrator, and transient merchant, before a license is issued to him or her or them shall file with the City Clerk, or his or her deputy, a good and sufficient bond in the sum of $500 per solicitor, canvasser, peddler, and the like, payable to the city executed by two or more good and sufficient sureties or by a surety company authorized to become surety on the bonds in the state. The bond shall be conditioned that the whole or any part of the sum of $500 shall be paid to any person failing to receive a delivery of the goods ordered or services to be performed in accordance with the terms of any order given, for the amount the person advanced as payment in the whole or in part on any order, and the bond shall be conditioned further that any person aggrieved by the action of any person shall have a right of action against the bond for the recovery of money or damages or both. The bond shall be retained by the city for a period of 90 days after the expiration of the license granted at the time of the filing of the bond.
('76 Code, § 8-2-3) (Ord. 645, passed 7-14-83)