(A)   Within five business days from either the revocation of any permit granted in accordance with this chapter or the refusal of the City Clerk to issue a permit under this chapter, the applicant or permittee may appeal the decision to the Hearing Officer for the purpose of having the Hearing Officer review the actions of the City Clerk.
   (B)   The appeal by the applicant, the permittee whose license or application has been refused or revoked, must be in writing and must set forth in concise language the reasons why the application or permit should be granted or reinstated.
   (C)   The Hearing Officer shall hear the appeal within five business days and shall render his or her decision at that time. The decision of the Hearing Officer at that meeting shall be final as to the issuance or revocation of the permit.
('76 Code, § 8-1A-8) (Ord. 792, passed 11-12-87; Am. Ord. 1050, passed 11-13-97)