A permittee shall:
   (A)   Make no additions whatsoever, during the period provided for under an issued permit hereunder, to the stock of goods set forth in the inventory attached to the application for permit.
   (B)   Refrain from employing any untrue, deceptive, or misleading advertising.
   (C)   Conduct the permitted sale in strict conformity with any advertising or holding-out incident thereto.
   (D)   Keep available at the place of sale a duplicate copy of the inventory submitted with the application and shall present the duplicate copy to any inspecting officials upon request.
   (E)   Post permit in a prominent location and state prominently the permit number and exact closing date of any sale held hereunder in all advertisements, signs, and holding-out of the sale.
   (F)   Upon written request received by the City Clerk on or before the fifth day after the last sale day, the permittee must file no later than ten working days of the request a closing inventory to the City Clerk, sworn to upon oath before a notary public which shall contain a statement of all goods sold and unsold, the total of which shall equal the total of the inventory submitted in the application required under this chapter. The closing inventory shall also contain a statement of intended disposition of the goods remaining unsold.
('76 Code, § 8-1A-6) (Ord. 792, passed 11-12-87) Penalty, see § 10.99