All licenses issued in this chapter are nontransferable and nonassignable; however, the City Clerk may, upon receipt of a transfer fee of $1, authorize the transfer or assignment of any license to any other person by written endorsement thereon, when it appears to his or her satisfaction that the original applicant for the license has sold or otherwise disposed of his or her interest in the trade, business, game or amusement, calling, profession, or occupation for which the license was issued and that the transferee or assignee thereof has complied with all other provisions of this chapter.
('76 Code, § 8-1-17) (Ord. 371, passed 4-13-78; Am. Ord. 844, passed 8-10-89; Am. Ord. 873, passed 12-13-90; Am. Ord. 899, passed 3-26-92; Am. Ord. 2014-003, passed 1-23-14) Penalty, see § 10.99