Animals, Dogs, Cats, and Domestic Fowl
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Licensing of dogs; fees; exemptions
   90.03   Tag and collar
   90.04   Running at large prohibited
   90.05   Dangerous or vicious animals
   90.06   Impoundment, notification and proper care
   90.07   Redemption of impounded animal; fees
   90.08   Disposition of nonreclaimed or unwanted animals; euthanization
   90.09   Animal adoption
   90.10   Unlawful public sale of animals
   90.11   Standards on domesticated fowl
Rabies Control
   90.20   Animal that bites or exhibits symptoms of rabies; procedure
   90.21   Emergency powers of Mayor
City to be Held Harmless
   90.30   City to be Held Harmless
Humane Treatment
   90.40   Cruelty, abuse and neglect
   90.41   Authority to remove, inspect and/or impound
Administration and Enforcement
   90.50   Animal Control Officer shall enforce; interference with officer prohibited
   90.51   Record-keeping requirements
   90.99   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority to control animals, impound animals, and prevent running-at-large of animals, see A.R.S. § 9-240(B)(16)