The Police Chief is hereby authorized to fix speed limits on the streets of the city consistent with public safety and the Arizona Revised Statutes, and to direct erection of traffic control signs through the City Manager.
   (A)   The City Manager, by Administrative Order, shall establish a traffic commission. The commission will serve without compensation and shall consist of at least one representative from each: City Engineering, Public Works, Community Development, and the Police Department. The chairperson of the commission shall be appointed by the City Manager and may be removed by the City Manager.
   (B)    The City Manager, acting on the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation shall have the following specific authority, subject to any limitations in the Arizona State vehicle code:
      (1)   To designate crosswalks; safety zones; stops and stands for buses, taxicabs, and other passenger common carriers; loading zones; and passenger loading zones;
      (2)   To determine and establish the speed limit applicable to any street;
      (3)   To regulate the kinds and classes of traffic and the maximum size and weight of vehicles permitted on any street or portion of a street;
      (4)   To determine and designate lanes for the exclusive use of transit buses or high occupancy vehicles, reverse flow lanes, and commercial vehicle routes;
      (5)   To regulate the stopping, standing, and parking of vehicles, including the installation of parking meters on streets and in City operated, off street parking facilities; and
      (6)   To determine and designate hazardous material routes subject to any law or regulation of this State or the United States Government.
   (C) The City Manager may authorize the testing of traffic control devices under actual conditions of traffic subject to laws and regulations of this State and the United States Government.
('76 Code, § 13-1-1) (Ord. 109, passed 4-24-69; Am. Ord. 1066, passed 5-28-98)