(A)   Participate in the formulation of the city's general development plan, formally developing and proposing comprehensive goals, policies, and objectives for on-going and future development, and concurrent protection of the environment and natural resources.
   (B)   In implementation for the general development plan, participate in on-going land use, zoning, and traffic circulation planning, and formulation of appropriate development codes.
   (C)   Conduct meetings and hearings to inform the public of provisions of proposed general development plans and of specific supporting and implementing plans, programs, projects, codes, regulations, and changes pertaining to the general development plan.
   (D)   Conduct public meetings and hearings to consider private sector plans and proposals and their conformity with the general development plan and compliance with the Development Code, Chapter 151 of this code.
   (E)   Conduct annual formal review and public hearings concerning implementation of the general development plan.
   (F)   Conduct annual formal review and public hearings concerning the Development Code, Chapter 151 of this code, and any proposed changes.
   (G)   Conduct other studies and inquiries, specified or implied.
   (H)   Submit recommendations and supporting documentation concerning all of the above to the Mayor and City Council for decision.
   (I)   Maintain liaison with Cochise County Planning and Zoning Commission on matters of mutual interest.
(Ord. 324, passed 9-23-76; Am. Ord. 499, passed 7-10-80; Am. Ord. 507, passed 8-28-80; Am. Ord. 648, passed 8-25-83) (Res. 3498, passed 10-26-95)