(a)   Wherever in a penalty section reference is made to a violation of a section or an inclusive group of sections, or of divisions or subdivisions of a section, such reference shall be construed to mean a violation of any provision of the section, sections, divisions or subdivisions included in the reference.
   (b)   References in the Codified Ordinances to action taken or authorized under designated sections of the Codified Ordinances include, in every case, action taken or authorized under the applicable legislative provision which is superseded by the Codified Ordinances.
(ORC 1.23)
   (c)   Whenever in one section reference is made to another section hereof, the reference shall extend and apply to the section referred to as subsequently amended, revised, recodified, or renumbered, unless the subject matter be changed or materially altered by the amendment or revision.
(ORC 1.55)