Each residential customer shall be entitled to the following solid waste collection services on a regular weekly basis:
   (a)   Solid Waste Collection.  Each residential customer is limited to either five cans or seven plastic bags, as defined in this chapter, per week. No combination of cans or bags shall exceed seven containers totaling more than 100 gallons capacity and/or individually exceeding the weight limits contained in Section 917.04(f).
   (b)   Recyclable Materials.  There is no limit on the amount of recyclable materials. An approved list of recyclable materials to be collected shall be published by the City periodically.
   (c)   Big Item.  Each residential customer shall be entitled to dispose of one big item per week.
   (d)   Yard Waste.  Each residential customer shall be entitled to unlimited yard waste disposal, at the rates established in Section 917.02(a)(3), while the program is “in season” as determined by the City Manager or his or her designee. Yard waste not packaged in compliance with this chapter shall be the resident’s responsibility to remove. If the resident fails to act, the City shall remove the non-compliant material and bill the property owner on a time and material basis. See Section 521.095.
(Ord. A-2384.  Passed 4-26-04; Ord. A-2599.  Passed 3-23-09; Ord. A-2638.  Passed 2-22-10; Ord. A-2758.  Passed 4-8-13.)