(a)   All solid waste shall be placed in metal or plastic watertight cans, or a disposable plastic or paper bag acceptable to the City and manufactured for the purpose of disposing of solid waste. If cans are used, such cans shall have close-fitting lids with two handles; one on the opposite side of the other.
   (b)   All residents using cans for the collection of solid waste shall keep such cans in a clean, sanitary and safe condition at all times.
   (c)   If dumpster service is used, cans or bags are not required.
   (d)   All residential customers shall use approved recycling containers provided by the City for recyclable materials.
   (e)   All yard waste shall be contained in metal or plastic cans or bio-degradable plastic or paper bags. Brush and tree prunings shall be limited to a maximum of four feet in length and two  inches in diameter and be tied in manageable bundles.  The rope or twine (no wire is permitted) used to tie the branches must support the weight of the bundle.
   (f)   All containers for solid waste or yard waste shall, when full, not exceed sixty pounds in weight and must be able to sustain such weight.
(Ord. A-2384.  Passed 4-26-04; Ord. A-2599.  Passed 3-23-09.)