(a)   If an adjacent property owner or the agent of an adjacent property owner intends to plant, prune, maintain or remove a street tree or City tree, the property owner or his agent shall submit a “Public Tree Care Permit” application to the City prior to doing so.  The application may be obtained from the City Street Department. There is no fee for the application process.
   (b)   If the adjacent property owner or his agent fails to obtain a permit provided for in Section (a) above and thereafter intentionally damages street trees or City trees, the Board shall cause such trees to be repaired, removed, removed or replaced.  The cost of the repairs, removal, or replacement shall be at the owner’s expense and assessed against the adjacent land owner’s land, together with an administrative fee not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) per violation.
   (c)   The notice and assessment process shall be identical to the process set forth in Section 905.11(b), (c) and (e).
(Ord. A-1702.  Passed 4-10-89; Ord. A-2636.  Passed 2-8-10.)