Subdivision proposals, located within the jurisdictional area of these Regulations, may at the discretion of the City Manager (or his or her authorized representative) be processed as a "minor subdivision" when the following conditions exist:
   (a)   For minor subdivisions other than the conveyance of portions of recorded lots of record.
      (1)   The proposed subdivision is located along an existing public road, and involves no opening, widening, or extension of any street or roadway.
      (2)   Not more than five (5) lots are involved after the original parcel has been completely subdivided.
      (3)   The proposed subdivision is not contrary to applicable subdivision or zoning regulations.
      (4)   The property has been surveyed by a professional surveyor, and a plat shall indicate the size of the parcel, at a minimum scale of one inch equals fifty feet, unless otherwise authorized; existing and proposed rights-of-way within 100 feet; existing and proposed ownership; any existing parcel within 100 feet, its owner and size; a north arrow; and the professional surveyor's signature and seal; on reproducible linen or mylar no smaller than eleven by seventeen inches.
      (5)   Evidence that the proposed conveyance does not interfere or conflict with the Comprehensive Plan or Thoroughfare Plan adopted by any planning authority.
   (b)   Minor subdivisions located within the City corporate limits shall not convey portions of recorded lots of record.
   (c)   Should a subdivision plat meeting each of the above mentioned conditions be proposed, said plat shall be submitted to the City Manager (or his or her authorized representative) and may be reviewed and approved or disapproved, in accordance with guidelines established herein. Approval of a minor subdivision without a formal plat may be granted by the Planning Commission or its authorized representative.
   (d)   Certification of Approval is required. If approval is given under this subsection, the Planning Commission,  acting by and  through its  authorized  agent,  shall,  within  seven  working  days  after submission, approve such proposed subdivision and shall stamp "Approved by the City of Sidney Planning Commission; No Formal Plat Required" on the sketch or conveyance, and such City Manager or designated representative, as an authorized representative of the Planning Commission, may sign and date such sketch or conveyance.
(Ord. A-2137. Passed 8-24-98.)