(a)   Outdoor storage is conditionally permitted in the B-1, B-2, B-5, I-1 and I-2 Districts.
   (b)   Such outdoor storage must be customarily incidental to a principal use in the district in which the outdoor storage is permitted.
   (c)     Such outdoor storage is permitted in the rear yard only, subject to a minimum setback of 20 feet from an adjoining property line. 
   (d)   No outdoor storage shall face or be located within a one block perimeter of the Court Square within the B-5 District.
   (e)   Where property lines separate a business or industrial district from a residential or office district, a visual and mechanical barrier, a minimum of six feet in height, shall be provided along or proximate to the common lot line, which may consist of any of the following:
      (1)   An evergreen hedge used with a chain link fence.  Such hedge shall not be less than five feet in height.
      (2)   A solid fence of a non-deteriorating material. 
      (3)   Masonry wall.
      (4)   Another suitable barrier approved by the Board of Appeals.
   (f)   All outdoor storage must be located on the same zoning lot as the principal use.
   (g)   Unless otherwise approved by the Board, areas used for such storage shall be furnished with an all weather hard surface of a material such as bituminous or Portland concrete cement.
   (h)   Areas designated for required off-street loading and parking shall not be used for such outdoor storage. 
   (i)   Such storage shall not violate applicable Federal, State, or local laws specific to the use of solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals, materials or products.
(Ord. A-2248.  Passed 4-9-01.)