Conditional Uses
1147.001   Intent.
1147.01   General requirements.
1147.02   Procedure; public hearing required.
1147.03   Hearing and Board requirements.  (Repealed)
1147.04   Failure to commence or complete construction; failure to comply with provisions of conditional use approval.
1147.05   Amended building permit.
1147.06   Additional conditions.
1147.07   Airports and heliports.
1147.08   Cemetery.
1147.09   Hospital; nursing home or nursing home conversion.
1147.10   Junk yard; motor vehicle wrecking yard.
1147.11   Public camp.
1147.12   Mobile home park.
1147.13   Private noncommercial recreation facility or development.
1147.14   Private school; special school.
1147.15   Professional office.
1147.16   Public or commercial sanitary fill or refuse dump.
1147.17   Radio, television or telephonic communications transmitting power.
1147.18   Tourist home; boarding or lodging house.
1147.19   Motor vehicle service facilities; public garage.
1147.20   Extraction of gas.
1147.21   Home occupations.
1147.22   Private banquet/reception facility.
1147.23   Off-premises sign.
1147.24   Animal hospital; kennel.
1147.25   Contractor storage yard; building material yard; lumber yard.
1147.26   Dry cleaning establishment.
1147.27   Dwellings in the B-1 District.
1147.28   Dwellings in the B-5 District.
1147.29   Funeral home; mortuary.
1147.30   Municipal or governmental building.
1147.31   Private club; private lodge.
1147.32   Public utility building.
1147.33   Restaurant; drive-in restaurant; tavern.
1147.34   Self-service storage facility.
1147.35   Group home.
1147.36   Commercial recreation facility; billiard room or pool hall.
1147.37   Commercial parking facility.
1147.38   Outdoor storage.
1147.39   Off-street parking accessory to any principal use, excluding a dwelling, not located on the same lot as the principal use.
1147.40   Motor vehicle repair garage.
1147.41   Emergency shelter.
1147.42   Single family residence as part of a funeral home.
1147.43   Catering.
1147.44   Landscaping service and retail business.
1147.45   Daycare center, commercial.
   Junk yards - see BUS. REG. Ch. 717
   Conditional use defined - see P. & Z. 1103.27
   Existing conditional uses - see P. & Z. 1107.13
   Minimum parking space and driveway aisle dimensions - see P. & Z. 1141.07
   Signs - see P. & Z. Ch. 1149
   Board to hear and decide permits for special uses - see P. & Z. 1151.03(c)
   Procedures and requirements for conditional use permits - see P. & Z. 1151.07