No building, structure or land shall be erected, altered or used which is arranged or designed for other than one or more of the following uses, except as provided herein and in Chapter 1109:
   (a)   Adult uses or sexually oriented businesses, provided that all such uses comply with Chapter 701;
   (b)   Animal hospital or kennel;
   (c)   Broadcasting studio for radio and/or television productions;
   (d)   Clothing manufacturing;
   (e)   Commercial laundry; commercial dry cleaning establishment;
   (f)   Finishing, custom; furniture and fixtures;
   (g)   Furniture manufacturing, assembly and repair;
   (h)   Manufacturing of plastic and paper-based bags, boxes, and containers;
   (i)   Manufacturing, assembling, or repairing of electrical and electronic products, components and equipment;
   (j)   Medical, dental, optical, orthopedic and similar appliance manufacturing;
   (k)   Motor vehicle body shop;
   (l)   Motor vehicle repair garage;
   (m)   Off-premises sign, subject to the provisions of Chapter 1149;
   (n)   Parcel delivery terminal;
   (o)   Pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing;
   (p)   Precision instrument manufacturing and testing;
   (q)   Printing and publishing;
   (r)   Public utility building;
   (s)   Religious institution;
   (t)   Research laboratories;
   (u)   Retail lumber yard, but not including mill work;
   (v)   Retail sales and offices that are incidental and subordinate to any of the above uses, subject to applicable off-street loading and parking requirements as provided for in Chapter 1141;
   (w)   Self service storage facility;
   (x)   Warehouse for the storage of merchandise and materials; trucking or motor freight terminal; carting, expressing or hauling establishment;
   (y)   Wholesale business; mail order house;
   (z)   Wireless telecommunications facility, subject to the provisions of Chapter 1150;
   (aa)   Indoor commercial recreation facility.
(Ord. A-2248.  Passed 4-9-01; Ord. A-2515.  Passed 5-29-07; Ord. A-2642.  Passed 5-24-10.)