The following uses shall be permitted only if expressly authorized by the Board and subject to the provisions of Chapter 1147:
   (a)   Billiard room or pool hall; commercial recreation facility;
   (b)   Commercial parking facility, subject to the provisions of Section 1147.37;
   (c)   Dry cleaning establishment using not more than two clothes cleaning units, neither of which shall have a rated capacity of more than sixty pounds;
   (d)   Home occupation;
   (e)   Motor vehicle customizing shop;
   (f)   Motor vehicle full service station, motor vehicle sales, rental or lease and public garage, but not including body and fender work or painting;
   (g)   Motor vehicle self service station/mini market;
   (h)   Motor vehicle wash facility;
   (i)   Off-street parking accessory to any principal use, excluding a dwelling, not located on the same lot as the principal use;
   (j)   Outdoor storage, subject to the provision of Section 1147.38;
   (k)   Printing, photocopying, silk screening, graphic arts business primarily retail in nature, serving the consumer directly and not occupying more than 2,000 square feet of floor area for printing presses and/or production equipment;
   (l)   Public utility building necessary for the furnishing of adequate service to the area, but not including a garage, outdoor storage yard or warehouse;
   (m)   Single-family dwellings, two-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings above the first floor (street level) when the first floor is used as a nonresidential use subject to the requirements of Section 1147.28;
   (n)   Tanning salon.
(Ord. A-2248.  Passed 4-9-01; Ord. A-2419.  Passed 1-24-05; Ord. A-2730. Passed 7-23-12.)