No building, structure or land shall be erected, altered or used which is arranged or designed for other than one or more of the following uses, except as provided herein and in Chapter 1109.  The following retail business and service establishments:
   (a)   Antique shop for retail sales and display and incidental restorations;
   (b)   Apparel store; shoe store; millinery shop; dressmaking establishment or tailor;
   (c)   Appliances sales and/or service;
   (d)   Art store, including hobbies and crafts, supplies, sales and exhibits;
   (e)   Commercial day care center;
   (f)   Consignment shop;
   (g)   Drug store;
   (h)   Dry cleaner; laundry;
   (i)   Educational institution;
   (j)   Financial institution;
   (k)   Florist shop;
   (l)   Grocery; meat market; fruit and vegetable store; supermarket; delicatessen;
   (m)   Hardware store; paint store;
   (n)   Home office;
   (o)   Motor vehicle self service station/mini mart;
   (p)   Motor vehicle wash facility;
   (q)   Newsdealer;
   (r)   Photographic studio; dance studio;
   (s)   Postal station;
   (t)   Private banquet/reception facility;
   (u)   Private club or lodge;
   (v)   Private noncommercial recreation development or facility;
   (w)   Private school; special school;
   (x)   Public parking area;
   (y)   Publicly owned or operated recreation facility; public library or other public cultural facility;
   (z)   Religious institution;
   (aa)   Shoe repair shop;
   (bb)   Tailor and pressing shop;
   (cc)   Residential interior design;
   (dd)   Consumer electronics sales, including computer, audio, video, wireless and handheld devices;
   (ee)   Motor vehicle accessory - retail sales only;
   (ff)   Video rental store.
(Ord. A-2248.  Passed 4-9-01; Ord. A-2395.  Passed 7-26-04; Ord. A-2419.  Passed 1-24-05; Ord. A-2759.  Passed 5-28-13; Ord. A-2998.  Passed 2-24-20.)