The following uses shall be permitted only if expressly authorized by the Board of Appeals and subject to the provisions of Chapter 1147:
   (a)   Animal hospital or kennel, provided that any enclosure or building in which animals are kept shall be at least 100 feet from an N, S or R District and that exercise runs be enclosed on all exterior sides by an opaque, well-maintained fence or wall at least six feet in height;
   (b)   Commercial parking facility, subject to the provisions of Section 1147.37;
   (c)   Drive-in restaurants;
   (d)   Motor vehicle repair garage, but not including body and fender work or painting;
   (e)   Municipal or governmental building;
   (f)   Off-street parking accessory to any principal use, excluding a dwelling, not located on the same lot as the principal use;
   (g)   Outdoor storage, subject to the provisions of Section 1147.38;
   (h)   Public garage;
   (i)   Public utility building necessary for the furnishing of adequate service to the area, but not including an outdoor storage yard or warehouse;
   (j)   Radio, television or telephonic communication transmitting tower;
   (k)   Self-service storage facilities;
   (l)   Wireless telecommunications facility, subject to the provisions of Chapter 1150;
   (m)   Other service commercial uses not otherwise listed as permitted principal uses which, in the opinion of the Board, are similar in nature to permitted B-2 uses, including some custom manufacturing or processing activities which, in the Board's opinion, are commercial service oriented businesses. Such uses shall comply with the following guidelines:
      (1)   Be located in a structure or building that does not contain residential uses;
      (2)   Have appropriate facilities and equipment for proper ventilation, storage of flammable materials, loading and unloading; and
      (3)   Provide for an inspection by the Fire Prevention Officer prior to the Zoning, Board of Appeals consideration of the request, to assist the Board with an inspection report and recommendations concerning the proposed use. Such inspection report will also accommodate concerns such as glare, noise, smoke, flammability and other objectionable influences.
   (n)   Plant nursery;
   (o)   Single family residence as part of a funeral home/mortuary subject to the provisions of Section 1147.42.
(Ord. A-2248.  Passed 4-9-01; Ord. A-2419.  Passed 1-24-05.)