No building, structure or land shall be erected, altered or used which is arranged or designed for other than one or more of the following uses, except as provided herein and in Chapter 1109. The following retail business and service establishments:
   (a)   Apparel shop; shoe store; millinery shop; dressmaking establishment or tailor;
   (b)   Appliance sales and/or service establishment; music store;
   (c)   Bail and surety bond offices;
   (d)   Bakery;
   (e)   Barber shop; beauty shop; reducing salon;
   (f)   Bicycle repair shop;
   (g)   Business or professional office;
   (h)   Catering;
   (i)   Charitable bingo halls and similar establishments conducting legal games of chance, subject to the provisions of Chapter 517 of the Code of Ordinances;
   (j)   Consignment shop;
   (k)   Daycare center, commercial;
   (l)   Department store; variety stores; mail order office; furniture store; toy store; dry goods store;
   (m)   Drug store;
   (n)   Dry cleaning establishment;
   (o)   Finishing, custom; furniture and fixtures;
   (p)   Financial institution;
   (q)   Florist shop;
   (r)   Funeral home or mortuary;
   (s)   Furniture store, including new and used home furnishings, appliances, sewing machines, wall and floor coverings;
   (t)   Gift shop; artists supply store or art shop; antique shop; office supply and equipment store;
   (u)   Grocery; meat market; fruit and vegetable store; supermarket; delicatessen;
   (v)   Hardware store; paint store; sporting goods store;
   (w)   Hospital; nursing home;
   (x)   Hotel; motel;
   (y)   Indoor theater; billiard room or pool hall; bowling lanes;
   (z)   Jewelry store;
   (aa)   Landscaping service and retail business;
   (bb)   Laundry pick-up store; self-service laundry; self-service dry cleaner;
   (cc)   Motor vehicle customizing shop;
   (dd)   Motor vehicle full service station;
   (ee)   Motor vehicle sales, rental or lease;
   (ff)   Motor vehicle self service station/mini mart;
   (gg)   Motor vehicle wash facility;
   (hh)   Movie theater;
   (ii)   Newsdealer;
   (jj)   Off premises sign, subject to the provisions of Chapter 1149;
   (kk)   Pawn shop;
   (ll)   Postal station; telegraph office; bus depot;
   (mm)   Private club or lounge;
   (nn)   Public parking area;
   (oo)   Publicly owned or operated recreation facility; indoor commercial recreation facility;
   (pp)   Religious institution;
   (qq)   Restaurant or tavern, but not including drive-in establishments; soda fountain or ice cream parlor; night club or cocktail lounge; liquor sales subject to applicable regulations and such permits as may be required by law;
   (rr)   Shoe repair shop;
   (ss)   Tattoo and body piercing;
   (tt)   Tool and equipment rental;
   (uu)   Trade or business school; photographic studio; dancing studio; radio or television broadcasting studio;
   (vv)   Wireless telecommunications facility, subject to the provisions of Chapter 1150;
   (ww)   Printing and publishing;
   (xx)   Automobile parts store - retail sales only;
   (yy)   Motor vehicle accessory - retail sales only;
   (zz)   Video rental store;
   (aaa)   Consumer electronics sales, including computer, audio, video, wireless and handheld devices;
   (bbb)   Gun shop, with no shooting range.
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