Nonconforming Lots, Improvements and Uses
1109.01   Conformance required.
1109.02   Effect of Code on existing improvements.
1109.03   Lot requirements for single-family dwellings.
1109.04   Existing nonconforming buildings and uses.
1109.05   Extension of nonconforming buildings and uses.
1109.06   Discontinuance; use ceased.
1109.07   Moving nonconforming improvements and uses.
1109.08   Nonconforming uses created by amendment.
1109.10   Signs.
1109.11   Strengthening and restoring safety permitted.
      Nonconforming use defined - see P. & Z. 1103.83
      Board may permit nonconforming use extension - see P. & Z. 1151.03(d)