Compliance Requirements; General Provisions; and
Prohibition of Medical Marijuana Dispensing, Processing or Cultivation.
1107.01   Conformance required.
1107.02   Effect of Code on existing buildings.
1107.03   Disposal of wastes and water supply; connections required.
1107.04   Building line established.
1107.05   General yard regulations.
1107.06   Projections into required yards.
1107.07   Requirements for corner lots.
1107.08   Accessory uses in N, S and R Districts.
1107.09   Accessory uses in B-1 Districts.
1107.10   Vision clearance.
1107.11   Lot requirements for single-family dwellings.
1107.12   Height requirements.
1107.13   Existing conditional uses.
1107.14   Required areas and dimensions.
1107.15   Essential services.
1107.16   Extraction of minerals, oil or gas prohibited.
1107.17   Fences.
1107.18   Additional uses; Board determination.
1107.19   Flood hazard areas.
1107.20   Satellite dish antenna regulations.
1107.21   Radio and television antenna regulations.
1107.22   Buffer and transition between noncompatible uses.
1107.23   Allowance for business use extensions and adjoining I-2 Zone.
1107.24   Infringement on property lines.
1107.25   Development standards for service stations.
1107.26   Requirements for outdoor displays.
1107.27   Medical marijuana services prohibited.
      Performance standards - see P. & Z. Ch. 1143
      Conditional uses - see P. & Z. Ch. 1147
      Signs - see P. & Z. Ch. 1149