TITLE ONE - Zoning Code
      Chap. 1101.  Interpretation and Purposes.
      Chap. 1103.  Definitions.
      Chap. 1105.  Districts Established; Zone Map; Vacated or Annexed Land.
      Chap. 1107.  Compliance Requirements; General Provisions; and Prohibition of Medical Marijuana Dispensing, Processing or Cultivation.
      Chap. 1108.  Flood Damage Protection.
      Chap. 1109.  Nonconforming Lots, Improvements and Uses.
      Chap. 1111.  N-1 Non-Urban District.
      Chap. 1113.  S-1 Suburban Residence District.
      Chap. 1115.  R-1 Single Family Residence District.
      Chap. 1117.  R-2 Single and Two-Family Residence District.
      Chap. 1119.  R-3 Multi-Family Residence District.
      Chap. 1120.  O-1 Office District.
      Chap. 1121.  B-1 Local Business District.
      Chap. 1123.  B-2 Community Business District.
      Chap. 1125.  B-5 Court Square Business District.
      Chap. 1127.  I-1 Light Industrial District.
      Chap. 1131.  I-2 General Industrial District.
      Chap. 1133.  Site Plan Approval.
      Chap. 1141.  Off-Street Loading and Parking.
      Chap. 1142.  Conversion of Dwellings.
      Chap. 1143.  Performance Standards.
      Chap. 1144.  Residential Planned Unit Development.
      Chap. 1145.  Planned Business Center.
      Chap. 1146.  Planned Industrial Center.
      Chap. 1147.  Conditional Uses.
      Chap. 1149.  Signs.
      Chap. 1150.  Wireless Telecommunications Facilities.
      Chap. 1151.  Board of Appeals.
      Chap. 1153.  Amendments; Zone Map Changes.
      Chap. 1155.  Enforcement and Penalty.
TITLE SEVEN - Subdivision Regulations
      Chap. 1161.  Platting.