(a)   A separate and independent building sewer and lateral shall be provided for every building needed to be serviced by a sewer.
      (1)   The Director may permit multiple buildings to connect where one building stands at the rear of another on an interior lot and no private sewer is available or can be constructed to the rear building through an adjoining alley, court, yard or driveway, the building sewer from the front building may be extended to the rear building and the whole considered as one building sewer provided that ownership of the building sewer remains with the owner of the lot.
      (2)   In no case shall a building sewer extend beyond a single lot to connect multiple buildings.
   (b)   Existing building sewers may be used in connection with new buildings only when they are found, on inspection to comply to City standards at the time of connection and to meet all requirements of this chapter.
(Ord. A-901.  Passed 5-21-71; Ord. A-2142.  Passed 11- -98; Ord. A-2743.  Passed 12-10-12; Ord. A-2773.  Passed 11-11-13; Ord. A-2788.  Passed 6-23-14.)