(a)   Except as hereinafter provided, it shall be unlawful to construct or maintain any privy, privy vault, septic tank, individual sewage disposal system or other facility intended or used for the disposal of sewage.
   (b)   The owner of all buildings or properties for human occupancy, employment, recreation or other purposes situated within the City and abutting any street, alley or right-of-way in which there is located a public sewer of the City within 200 feet of the property line or within 400 feet of the foundation of the structure, is hereby required at the owner's expense to install suitable toilet facilities therein, and to connect such facilities directly with the public sewer in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and by the date prescribed by the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department. All on-site sewage disposal systems within the City in existence prior to March 24, 2003 shall have ten years from the date that sewer services became available to connect to the public sewer system unless the on-site system shall fail, as determined solely by the Health Department.
   (c)   In no case shall an owner be authorized to improve, extend or expand an on-site disposal system without approval of the City; the owner shall, however, be permitted to clean and repair an existing system.
   (d)   Whenever an on-site disposal system is abandoned, it shall be properly with a granular material acceptable to the Utilities Director.
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