(a)   Any person desiring to do business as a sewer builder, shall file a petition in the office of the City Manager giving the names of the individual or firm and place of business, asking to be licensed as a sewer builder. The petition must be signed by two responsible citizens of the City vouching for the business capacity and reputation of the applicant, as a master of his or her trade and willing to be governed in all respects by the provisions of this chapter and by the rules and regulations which are or may be adopted by the City Manager.
   (b)   Each applicant for a license shall execute and deposit with his or her application, a bond with two or more resident sureties owning real estate of a value of two thousand dollars ($2,000) over and above encumbrances. The applicant may give a surety company bond if he or she desires. This bond must be approved by the City Manager, in the sum of two thousand dollars ($2,000) conditioned that the applicant will indemnify and leave harmless the City from all accidents and all damages caused by any negligence in protecting his or her work or by any unfaithful, imperfect, inadequate, careless or unskilled work done by him or her.
   (c)   Sewer builders shall promptly and at the proper time replace and restore sidewalks, pavement or street surface over any opening the contractor may have made, to the same condition as the contractor found it prior to its opening; and keep and maintain the same in good order, to the satisfaction of the City Manager, for the period of six months next thereafter.
   (d)   No contractor shall fail to obtain an inspection of the sewer tap and/or an inspection of the sewer lateral installation and/or perform the restoration work. Violation of this section shall result in the following:
      (1)   First offense in a two-year period: Contractor shall receive a warning from the City Engineer and shall be required to televise the sewer lateral at his or her costs and provide results to the City and/or make all restoration efforts.
      (2)   Second offense in a two-year period: Contractor shall be required to excavate the sewer tap and lateral and have said work properly tested and inspected and/or make all restoration efforts.
      (3)   Third offense in a two-year period: The City Engineer shall execute against contractor’s bond to have the sewer tap and lateral exposed, tested and inspected by another licensed sewer builder. The City Engineer shall then revoke the sewer builder’s license for said contractor for a period of two years. Additionally, contractor shall pay all fines imposed on him or her for violation of any of the rules and regulations prescribed in this section.
   (e)   No sewer builder’s license will be granted for more than two years. All licenses will expire on the first Monday in April at the end of the two-year period.
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