911.01   WATER RATES.
   (a)   Water rates for City residents shall be established by the Utilities Director under the authority of Ohio R.C. 743.04.
   (b)   Such rates are established as follows:
      (1)   The charge for water consumption shall be at the rate of five dollars and seventy- two cents ($5.72) per 100 cubic feet.
      (2)   Minimum charges, which shall be considered “readiness to serve” charges, which charge does not include water usage, are hereby established as follows:
Meter Size (inches)
Net Minimum Bill
5/8 x 3/4
      (3)   Rates for fire line charges are established as follows:
Fire Lines (inches)
Net Minimum Bill
2 or smaller
   (c)   Water rates for users outside of the City shall be increased fifty percent (50%) over the rates established in subsection (b) hereof.
   (d)   Except for customers participating in the monthly payment program pursuant to division (g) of this section, water charges shall be billed quarterly.
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   (e)   Undetectable Leaks.  (EDITOR’S NOTE:  This subsection was repealed by Ordinance A-1423, passed February 2, 1982.)
   (f)   Prevention of Line Freeze-Ups.  (EDITOR’S NOTE:  This subsection was repealed by Ordinance A-1423, passed February 2, 1982.)
   (g)   A monthly payment program is available for residential customers and/or landlords who prefer such an arrangement for their tenants. In addition, the City may, at its discretion, assign customers to the monthly payment program, particularly for those customers who have been delinquent for two or more quarters over a two-year period or those commercial customers who elect to participate. The Finance Officer shall provide a procedure to transfer quarterly customers onto a monthly payment program. Landlords shall notify the Finance Department, in writing, as to whether they elect to have their tenants assigned to the monthly payment program or to permit such tenants to determine their payment method, prior to establishment of an account with the City. If written notice is not received, it will be presumed that the landlord consents to the tenant’s preference. Customers on the monthly payment program will be billed based upon quantities determined by reading the meter there in use during each month of the year. Tenant-occupied properties participating in the monthly payment program must be secured by a utility service deposit, as defined in division (h) below.
   (h)   Utility Service Deposits Required for Tenant-Occupied Properties on the Monthly Payment Program.
      (1)   Effective January 1, 2019, all utility accounts established for tenant-occupied properties on the monthly payment program must first be secured by a deposit of one hundred seventy- five dollars ($175.00).
      (2)   For existing tenant-occupied properties as of January 1, 2019, the deposit already paid by the tenant will remain at the amount already paid, unless the tenant becomes delinquent and the account becomes subject to service disconnection. If the existing tenant becomes delinquent and the account subject to disconnection, the tenant will be charged the current deposit amount as described in Section 911.01(h)(1).
      (3)   All monies collected as utility service deposits shall be deposited in the Water Fund and be used for no purpose other than to offset any unpaid amounts for water, sewer, storm water, and residential waste services rendered. Such deposit relieves neither the depositor nor the property owner of the responsibility for payment for such service in excess of the deposit.
      (4)   All utility service deposits shall remain with the City until the termination of said utility services with neither express nor imputed payment of interest on said deposits as retained.
      (5)   Application of deposit to delinquent utility bills:
         A.   In the event that a utility account becomes delinquent, the deposit may be applied against unpaid water, sewer, storm water, or residential waste pickup charges and the service will subject to disconnection as provided in this chapter.
         B.   In the case of disconnection, service will not be reestablished until the deposit is replenished, and the account is paid in full, including a turn-on charge, as described in Section 911.10.
      (6)   Refund of deposit upon service termination.  When a customer on the monthly payment program vacates a property where utility service has been established, the amount of the final bill will be deducted from the deposit on reserve, and any remaining deposit will be returned to the tenant or applied to the tenant’s new account. Any and all charges on the final bill that exceed the deposit on reserve are still due and payable. Deducting the deposit does not relieve the depositor nor the property owner of responsibility for payment for such service in excess of the deposit.
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