Alarm Systems
735.01   Purpose.
735.02   Definitions.
735.03   Compliance required.
735.04   Compatibility of systems with Police Department receiving equipment.  (Repealed)
735.05   Alarm business license required.  (Repealed)
735.06   Contents of license application. (Repealed)
735.07   Issuance of license. (Repealed)
735.08   License fee. (Repealed)
735.09   Renewal of alarm business license. (Repealed)
735.10   License not transferable. (Repealed)
735.11   Alarm business requirements; experience; equipment. (Repealed)
735.12   Suspension and revocation of license. (Repealed)
735.13   Appeals. (Repealed)
735.14   User's permit required. (Repealed)
735.15   User's permit fees. (Repealed)
735.16   User's permit application. (Repealed)
735.17   User's responsibility.
735.18   Suspension of penalties for false alarms from new systems.
735.19   Alarms; records.
735.20   Alarm validity determination. (Repealed)
735.21   Appeal of alarm validity determination. (Repealed)
735.22   Administrative fee for excessive alarms.
735.23   Disconnection and disruption of service. (Repealed)
735.24   Alarm system reconnection and re- establishment of alarm response. (Repealed)
735.25   Other alarm system provisions.
735.26   Prohibited alarms.
735.27   Testing.
735.28   Signals originating outside of corporate limits. (Repealed)
735.29   Limitation of liability.
735.30   Change of location.  (Repealed)
735.31   Enforcement.
735.99   Penalty.
      Police Department; Fire Department - see ADM. Ch. 117
      Motor vehicle theft alarms - see TRAF. 337.20