Upon compliance with the applicable conditions enumerated herein, an operator's license shall be issued by the City Manager for a period expiring December 31 next, unless sooner revoked, in such form as approved by him, containing a statement of the number of cabs then used by the operator, the make and motor number of each cab, the registration number hereinafter prescribed and any other information regarded as proper by the City Manager.
   The taxicab registration tag shall be a decal, three inches by five inches in size, the design and color of which shall be at the discretion of the City Manager.  The decal shall be placed on the inside of the windshield at the lower right-hand corner of the windshield. Each decal shall contain one of a series of consecutive numbers to be known as taxi registration numbers, the expiration date and such other information as the City Manager may reasonably require.
   No licensee and no taxicab driver shall operate or use any such cab as such unless the decal is affixed in the manner above provided, or operate or use any cab as such with any decal other than the decal originally assigned to that taxicab, or transfer the decal from one cab to another.  However, such registration tags may be transferred upon written notification to the City Manager of a desire by the holder to do so.  This notice shall contain the registration number of the decal proposed to be transferred and the motor numbers of the taxicabs from and to which the transfer is to be made.  Such written notice shall be endorsed upon the license of the operator and upon the records of the Police Department.  The City Manager shall file and keep an index record of all operators' licenses, bonds and policies presented, and fees paid, together with the name, office and place of business of all licensees.
   The taxicab registration numbers, motor numbers and make of each taxicab shall be kept and maintained by the Police Department, together with such other information as it may reasonably require. 
(Ord. A-383.  Passed 12-16-57.)