(a)   "Taxicab" means any vehicle by means of which individual service for compensation in the transportation of people on the public streets is furnished or offered to be furnished. Vehicles furnishing mass transportation of persons such as buses which are operated on fixed routes and schedules or between fixed termini and vehicles operated and maintained by any nonprofit corporation providing service strictly to the elderly, infirm or indigent are hereby expressly excluded. 
(Ord. A-1033. Passed 5-20-74.)
   (b)   "Compensation" means any fare, reward or donation or other things of value which a driver or owner of a vehicle accepts or receives in return for furnishing taxicab service.
   (c)   "Taxicab operator" means any person, firm or corporation engaged in the taxicab business, excepting a driver as defined hereinafter, it is the intent of this definition that anyone who drives a taxicab in any other capacity other than as an employee shall be deemed to be an operator and shall, in addition to being licensed as a driver, also be required to be licensed as an operator.
   (d)   "Taxicab driver" means any person driving a taxicab. It is the intent of this definition that when the owner or lessee of a taxicab is engaged in the driving thereof, in addition to being licensed as an operator, he shall also be qualified and licensed as a driver.
   (e)   "Taxicab stand" means any space on any street or way designated by the Director of Service and Safety as a proper place for the exclusive use of taxicabs awaiting patronage.
   (f)   "Public convenience" means a genuine need for additional taxicab transportation facilities in order to adequately and properly serve the needs and convenience of the general public.
(Ord. A-373. Passed 8-5-57.)
   (g)   "Adult" means a person thirteen years of age or older.
(Ord. A-1076.  Passed 2-17-75.)