No person engaged in such business of conducting a junk shop, junk yard or other place for the buying and selling of junk within the City shall store, pack or keep upon, in or about such place of business any old rags or paper, whether baled or not, or any old bones, hides or other material, except inside of buildings and to be kept in such, so as not become a fire hazard or health nuisance.
   No such person shall use any portion of the street or sidewalk for loading or unloading of any such junk or other articles so purchased or sold at such place of business.  Each place of business so operated for the purpose herein set forth shall have a driveway or other roadway into and upon such place of business where the junk and other articles may be loaded and unloaded without, in any manner, obstructing the sidewalk, street or any portion thereof.
   Such place of business shall provide and maintain in good condition a solid eight-foot fence of wood, metal, brick or masonry which shall serve to protect the public from harm or injury, to obscure the unsightliness of the junk yard area and to contain the articles of junk upon the place of business. 
(Ord. A-603.  Passed 7-20-64.)