Theft and Fraud
545.01   Definitions.
545.02   Determining property value in theft offense.
545.03   Property exceptions as felony offense.
545.035   Evidence of theft of rented property.
545.04   Detention of shoplifters and those committing motion picture piracy; rights of museums and libraries.
545.05   Petty theft.  (Repealed)
545.06   Vehicle trespass.
545.07   Illegal sale or possession of master vehicle keys.  (Repealed)
545.08   Unauthorized use of property, including telecommunication property and computers.  (Repealed)
545.09   Passing bad checks.  (Repealed)
545.095   Forging or selling forged identification cards. (Repealed)
545.097   Criminal simulation.  (Repealed)
545.10   Misuse of credit cards.  (Repealed)
545.11   Making or using slugs.  (Repealed)
545.12   Tampering with coin machines.  (Repealed)
545.13   Prima facie evidence of purpose to defraud.
545.14   Tampering with records.  (Repealed)
545.15   Securing writings by deception.  (Repealed)
545.16   Personating an officer.  (Repealed)
545.17   Defrauding creditors.  (Repealed)
545.18   Receiving stolen property.  (Repealed)
545.19   Insurance fraud.  (Repealed)
545.20   Workers' compensation. (Repealed)
545.21   Medicaid fraud.  (Repealed)
545.99   Penalty.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Property defined - see GEN. OFF. 501.01(j)