(a)   The City Manager shall be authorized to issue a permit to vehicles used exclusively for delivery purposes or for repair and maintenance purposes upon proper application of the owner thereof. Each vehicle to which such permit has been issued shall have the same properly displayed on the lower right- hand corner of the windshield.  Such vehicle displaying such duly issued permit shall be permitted to park within the limits of the metered parking zones of the City for a period not to exceed two hours, and such permit shall be issued upon application of the owner setting forth a full description of the vehicle, together with a statement of the use to be made of such vehicle.
   (b)   The fee for parking permits is established at twenty dollars ($20.00) for six months; the two six- month periods shall be from January 1 through June 30, and from July 1 through December 31. Any person who applies for a parking meter permit during one of the six-month periods shall pay three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) per month and any part of one month shall require a full month's payment.
   (c)   The Police Department may issue, with the City Manger's approval, parking meter covers to individuals and organizations who need to reserve parking spaces for special events and for other conditions and circumstances determined appropriate by the City Manager.
   (d)   The rental fee for each parking meter cover shall be fifty cents (50¢) per day or any fraction thereof.
(Ord. A-891.  Passed 5-3-71.)
   Penalty - see Sections 307.01, 307.02 and 353.07