Drivers of Commercial Vehicles
341.01   Definitions.
341.02   Use of actual gross weight in lieu of rating.
341.03   Licensing requirements.  (Repealed)
341.04   Physical qualification to operate commercial motor vehicles.  (Repealed)
341.05   D.U.I.; leaving the scene; use of vehicles in commission of felony.  (Repealed)
341.06   Application of 49 C.F.R. 383.  (Repealed)
341.07   Information required of prospective drivers by employers; unauthorized driving.  (Repealed)
341.08   Authority of peace officers re drunk driving.
341.09   Permitting or driving while fatigued or ill prohibited.
341.10   Driver's consecutive service and off-duty hours.  (Repealed)
      See section histories for similar State law
      Warning devices when disabled on freeways - see Ohio R.C. 4513.28
      Hours of service of truck drivers - see Ohio R.C. 4921.30, 4923.16
      Arrest notice of drivers - see Ohio R.C. 5577.14
      Load limits - see TRAF. 339.01