The City Manager shall be the appointing authority of the Civil Service Commission.  The general law applying to Civil Service shall remain in full force and effect, with the following exceptions:
   (a)   Council may, by a regular ordinance passed by the affirmative vote of five members of Council, establish a maximum retirement age which shall be not less than sixty-two years of age.
   (b)   Appointments to the position of Fire Chief or Police Chief shall be filled by appointment pursuant to this provision of the Charter and shall not be governed by the general civil service law regarding promotions.  Applicants who are not current employees of the City are eligible candidates.
      (1)   All candidates for appointment to the position of Fire Chief or Police Chief shall possess the following qualifications:
         A.   Fifteen continuous years of local government service in the fire and emergency medical field (Fire Chief) or the law enforcement field (Police Chief);
         B.   Five years of management level experience as an operations supervisor;
         C.   Effective July 1, 1999, an Associate Degree in fire science (Fire Chief) or law enforcement (Police Chief) or an equivalent curriculum;
         D.   Current certification by a state or national association recognized by the State of Ohio for performance of the Chief's responsibilities.
      (2)   The Civil Service Commission shall, within ninety days of a vacancy in the  position of Fire Chief or Police Chief, hold a competitive examination of all eligible candidates.
      (3)   The Civil Service Commission shall certify to the appointing authority the names and addresses of the three candidates standing highest on the eligibility list for the position of Fire Chief and Police Chief, provided that the Commission may certify fewer than three names if fewer than three candidates passed the examination.  The appointing authority shall fill the position of Fire Chief or Police Chief by appointment of any one of the three persons certified to the appointing authority.
      (4)   Except for the original appointment process, the general civil service law shall apply to the position of Fire Chief or Police Chief.
(Amended 11-2-71; 3-19-96)