11-14-4: ALLOWED USES:
All manufacturing and industrial uses not prohibited by law.
Agricultural/industrial equipment sales and service.
Auto, RV and marine sales and service.
Automobile washing.
Automotive and marine sales and service.
Building materials sales, wholesale.
Electrical substation.
Governmental buildings, facilities.
Laundry facilities; dry cleaning.
Mini-warehouse storage.
Public buildings.
Recycling center.
Repair services small appliances.
Rodeo and fairgrounds.
Self service/automatic laundry.
Tire sales and service.
Veterinarian clinic.
Wholesale sales.
Wireless communication facility.
Acid manufacturing.
Asphalt or concrete batch plants.
Cement, lime, gypsum or plaster of paris manufacturing.
Fat rendering, fertilizer, gas or glue manufacturing.
Junk and salvage yards.
Manufacture of explosives or storage of explosives, including gases.
Petroleum or petroleum products refining.
Retail sales and services.
Slaughter-house stockyards and feedlots.
Smelting or reduction of ore or metallurgical products.
Technical or training schools.
Wholesale storage or warehousing of acids. (Ord. 567, 3-20-2017)