The following zoning districts and zoning overlay districts are established:
   A.   Residential Zoning Districts:
Single Household Residential Zoning District (R-1)
One and Two Household Residential Zoning District (R-2)
Multiple-Household Residential Zoning District (R-3)
Manufactured Home Single Residence Zoning District (C-1)
Manufactured Home Park Zoning District (C-2)
Recreational Vehicle Park Zoning District (C-3)
   B.   Commercial/Manufacturing/Industrial Zoning Districts:
Community-Highway Business District (B-1)
Neighborhood Business Zoning District (B-2)
Central Business District (B-3)
Commercial-Light Manufacturing District (CLM)
Manufacturing and Industrial District (M-I)
   C.   Public Zoning Districts:
City Parks (P)
Unincorporated (UN) (map only)
   D.   Zoning Overlay Districts:
Airport Safety Overlay District (AS)
   E.   Floating Zoning District:
Planned Unit Development (PUD) (Ord. 567, 3-20-2017)