All special assessments made and levied under this chapter shall be made and levied and collected annually in the same manner, so far as practicable, as are other special assessments and levies of the City and shall be made at the same time. Notice thereof and opportunity to be heard shall be given the same as for other special assessments and levies, all as provided for by the Revised Codes of the State of Montana with amendments thereto. Said assessments shall be a lien against the property against which they are severally assessed and levied until paid and discharged, and shall be subject to the same penalties for delinquency in payment when due and payable as are other special assessments and levies made by the City and as authorized by the laws of the State of Montana. All special assessments and levies and all other monies collected, received or paid under the provisions of this chapter shall be kept in a separate fund to be known as the Garbage Fund and shall be paid out only on warrants drawn against such fund and signed as are other warrants of the City for the disbursement of its funds and upon claims fully executed, presented, ordered and allowed, all as required by law. (Ord. 187, 5-7-1956)