(A)   The City Clerk/Tax Assessor, or his successors in office, or any person acting as an assistant to him for such purpose is hereby duly authorized and designated as the Zoning Enforcement Officer for the city and directed to enforce all of the provisions of the zoning regulations in effect in the city at the present time or such as may be adopted in the future; such authorization shall include the reviewing of plans and specifications, conducting inspections, and performing such other services as may be necessary to execute the provisions of the zoning regulations.
   (B)   In furtherance of division (A) above, the Zoning Enforcement Officer may enter any premises covered by the zoning regulations for the purpose of performing his duties imposed by such regulations; and, upon written notice mailed to the owner of the property concerned, any use of property contrary to the provisions of these regulations shall be stopped immediately.
(Ord. 35-1970, passed 11-2-70)