The Zoning Enforcement Officer for the city shall be responsible for inspections and compliance with the conditions of this chapter and, in addition, shall:
   (A)   Advise any applicant for a building construction permit that additional federal or state permits may be required, and if specific federal or state permits are known, require that copies of such permits be provided and maintained on file along with the city permit.
   (B)   Notify adjacent communities and the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources prior to any alteration or relocation of a water course, and submit evidence of such notification to the Federal Insurance Administration.
   (C)   Assure that maintenance is provided within the altered or relocated portion of the water course so that the flood carrying capacity is not diminished.
   (D)   Verify and record the actual elevation (in relation to mean sea level) of the lowest floor (including basement) of all new or substantially improved structures.
   (E)   Verify and record the actual elevation (in relation to mean seal level) to which the new or substantially improved structures have been floodproofed.
(Ord. 12-1978, passed 7-10-78)