(A)   No person shall paint, mark, or write on, post, or otherwise affix any handbill or sign in a public right-of-way, or to or on any public sidewalk, crosswalk, curb, curbstone, street lamp post, hydrant, tree, shrub, tree stake or guard, railroad trestle, electric light, power, or telephone pole, or wire appurtenance thereof, or upon any fixture of a fire alarm system, public bridge, street sign, traffic sign, or other official sign of government, or any other public safety appurtenance.  “PERSON” may extend and be applied to bodies-politic, corporations and corporate societies, communities, the public generally, individuals, partnerships, and joint stock companies.
   (B)   Any handbill or sign found posted or otherwise affixed upon any public property contrary to the provisions of this section may be removed by the Department of Public Works.
   (C)   Nothing in this section shall apply to the installation of a metal plaque or plate, or individual letters or figures in a sidewalk or on other public property commemorating a historical, cultural, or artistic event, location, or personality for which Jefferson County, the Jefferson County Office of Historic Preservation and Archives, or any other governmental entity or lawful authority are empowered by statute, ordinance, or regulation to maintain.
   (D)   Nothing in this section shall prohibit the painting of house numbers upon curbs. 
(Ord. 10-1986, passed 5-5-86)  Penalty, see § 110.99