For the purpose of this subchapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   “PAVED AREA.” Any area covered with asphalt or concrete that forms a firm, level surface for travel or parking of vehicles. From and after July 1, 2009, areas covered with gravel do not comply with the definition of paved area and are herewith specifically excluded from the definition of paved areas. “Unpaved,” means the opposite of “paved”.  Parking pads or driveway extensions shall be paved within the meaning and tenor of this subchapter and constructed of either concrete or asphalt.
   “RESIDENTIAL AREA.” Any lot or property zoned for residential use.
   “YARD.” Any unpaved portion of a residential lot.
(Ord. 1-2009, passed 6-8-09; Am. Ord. 3-2013, passed 4-15-13)