(A)   Enforcement. The Animal Control Officer and authorized members of this Department will have the full and unrestricted authority to enforce this chapter.
   (B)   Interference with official. It shall be a violation of this chapter to interfere with the Animal Control Officer or any member of the Animal Control Department in performance of his or her duties thereunder, punishable in accordance with § 93.99.
   (C)   Record of impounded animals. The Animal Control Officer shall keep a record of all dogs, cats or other animals impounded in the Animal Shelter, which record shall show the date of impoundment, the reason thereof, name of the person bringing the animal to the pound and the kind, sex, color, breed and any identifying collars, tags, tattoos or marks of the animal impounded.
   (D)   Official warning and notice of code violation. Upon information sufficient to establish a violation of the provisions of this chapter, the Animal Control Officer or authorized deputy may issue to the person committing such violation or to the owner or person having custody or control of any animal involved either:
      (1)   An official warning stating the name of the person to whom the warning is being issued, the nature of the violation, the date of the violation and  any other pertinent information concerning the violation. Such official warning shall also state that it is only a warning and is neither a notice of code violation nor a notice to appear to answer to any such violation; or
      (2)   A notice of code violation stating the name of the person to whom the notice is being issued, the nature of the violation, the fine imposed for such violation in accord with § 93.99, the specific section of this code which has been violated and any other information which is pertinent to the violation and necessary for a through understanding of the circumstances surrounding such violation. Such violation notice shall instruct the person to whom the violation is being issued that he or she shall appear at the Hancock Superior Court II to answer to such violation.
(Ord. 070196B, passed 7-1-96)